Praxis Science Outreach Science Smarts – Exploding Snowmen

Praxis Science Outreach Science Smarts Column

November 27, 2021

The latest Praxis ‘Science Smarts’ column in the Medicine Hat News (November 27): Exploding Snowmen – Link:

Exploding Snowmen

Patty Rooks

It was exciting to see a light dusting of snow this week, but I will be honest, I wish there was A LOT more out there this time of the year.

Who does not love embracing the winter season? There is nothing like getting all bundled up to go play out in the snow. What about being able to get out there and build a snowman?

Well, since I cannot get out and build a snowman, I will have to build one of my own… kind of?? Let’s get started!

Remember to ask an adult before doing this experiment.


• Outdoor location (preferably a sidewalk)
• Zipper baggies
• Tissue
• Black sharpie
• Orange sharpie
• Baking soda
• Measuring cups
• Measuring…

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Author: Lochsloidh - McFarlane

Retired science/biology teacher.

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