Praxis Science Outreach Science Smarts: Sugary Snacks

The latest Praxis “Science Smarts” column in the Medicine Hat News.

Praxis Science Outreach Science Smarts Column

May 14, 2022

The latest Praxis ‘Science Smarts’ column in the Medicine Hat News (May 14). The article may also be found in the Medicine Hat News at or via PressReader at

Sugary Snacks

I have been working with a school on doing a late science fair this year and I was thinking of ideas to share with students. This experiment came to mind — I am sure all of the dentists out there will appreciate it!

Let’s get started!

Remember to ask an adult before you do this experiment.


  • Eggshell
  • Cola beverage (or any pop of your choice)
  • Clear glass or jar
  • Plastic wrap
  • Tweezers


  1. Place the eggshell (without the egg) in the glass.
  2. Cover the eggshell with cola.
  3. Cover the glass with plastic wrap so the pop will not evaporate too quickly.
  4. Every couple of days, take the eggshell out and look at…

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Author: Lochsloidh - McFarlane

Retired science/biology teacher.

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