Praxis Science Outreach Science Smarts: Cartesian Divers Under Pressure

The latest Praxis Science Smarts Column!

Praxis Science Outreach Science Smarts Column

May 28, 2022

The latest Praxis ‘Science Smarts’ column in the Medicine Hat News (May 28). The article may also be found in the Medicine Hat News at or via PressReader at

Cartesian Divers Under Pressure

I have been busy planning some of the hands-on activities for our 30th anniversary celebration coming up on June 18 at the Carriage House.

This has to be one of my favourite things to do — it is so much fun trying out activities to see if they will work for a variety of age groups. My test subjects are often agreeable when it comes to fun “chores” like this as well. Here is one that I think will be a hit.

Let’s get started!

Remember to ask an adult before doing this experiment.


  • Empty 500 mL water/pop bottle with a lid
  • Water
  • Medicine dropper/pipette
  • Brass hex nut


  1. Fill…

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Author: Lochsloidh - McFarlane

Retired science/biology teacher.

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