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Praxis Science Outreach Science Smarts Column

December 18, 2021

The latest Praxis ‘Science Smarts’ column in the Medicine Hat News (December 18). The article may be found at

Bathtub Science

Patty Rooks

Whew, I made it through the last week of school! I think I tried to cram an entire month’s worth of work into five days, but now we are finished, can set aside the books for a few days, relax, and enjoy some family time.

If you are anything like me, you may be a little behind on picking up some of those holiday gifts, so this week, I thought we could make some of our own — just in case!
Let’s get started.

Remember to ask an adult before doing this experiment.

• Round molds/cookie cutters/ice cube trays (or any shape)
• Baking soda
• Citric acid
• Cornstarch
• Coconut oil
• Essential oil (optional)
• Spray bottle full of…

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Author: Lochsloidh - McFarlane

Retired science/biology teacher.

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