Praxis Science Outreach Science Smarts: Finding Fruit DNA

The latest Praxis Science Smarts article in the Medicine Hat News.

Praxis Science Outreach Science Smarts Column

February 26, 2022

The latest Praxis ‘Science Smarts’ column in the Medicine Hat News (February 26). The article may also be found in the Medicine Hat News at or via PressReader at

Finding Fruit DNA

Praxis is quite excited to be celebrating our 30th annual Operation Minerva Conference on Thursday, March 10!

Each and every year we have such an amazing group of Grade 9 girls from all over southeastern Alberta. I can also proudly say some of the girls that participated in the conference are now our mentors! It is so exciting to see so many STEM professionals return to our wonderful community to work. This year we have to go virtual, but we will be doing an amazing interactive experiment. I thought I would share it here so you can get an idea of what we will be doing.

If you did not receive registration…

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Author: Lochsloidh - McFarlane

Retired science/biology teacher.

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